The all-electric Volkswagen ID.3: The Golf of the Electric age?

Volkswagen ID.3 establishes new optical benchmark. In front, the friendly smile of the LED lights that wink at the owner as he approaches and a pritty rounded back.

Good point: As big as a Passat station wagon: The proportions are coheran and there is a lot of space inside thanks to the economic architecture of the electric car. The engine is at the rear, the weight distribution is 50:50, from the pedal stroke, the full torque is ready. The ID.3 is a cool car to drive. A serene and powerful aceleration. No need to change gears, there is only one.

The ID.3 is pleasant to maneuver. A little more than ten meters of turning radius, and you have already turned around the axis. With 542 km, the range of the ID.3 is perfectly adapted to everyday life. Take a look at our VW ID offers with the promotions. You will receive 1 free monthly payment* (as long as stock is available).

*) 1 monthly payment is deducted per rata over the total period from the monthly price. The offer is valid as long as the stock is available.