What does the all-inclusive Abo price plan include?

Everything, excluding fuel:

  • Insurance including liability insurance and CarCare
  • Assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Registration
  • Vehicle tax
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Winter and summer tyres
Are a deposit, security deposit or delivery charges required?

No, with us you check out immediately without any deposit or additional costs.

How is my car insured?

You and your car benefit from the best protection. All following services are included:

  • Third-party liability insurance with no deductible
  • Cover for severe negligence
  • Arval CarCare
  • Collision coverage with a deductible of CHF 500 for private clients and CHF 1’000 for business clients
  • Coverage for glass breakage, fire, theft, as well as basic and parking damage with no deductible
  • Parking damage (2 claims per year with unlimited coverage)
Can other people (e.g. family members or friends) drive the vehicle and are they also insured?

Yes, other people can also drive your car as soon as they have a driving licence valid in Switzerland.


Can I freely choose the motorization for my new car or add an extra option?

The vehicles on offer are already preconfigured. Select a package that offers the model and options that are right for you. Further modifications are not possible.

Can I freely choose the colour of my car?

You will find available vehicle colours on the desired vehicle page or you will receive more detailed information upon request.

Are the cars on offer imported vehicles?

All cars are purchased from an official Swiss dealer. We intentionally renounce import vehicles.

When will my car be available?

Delivery times depend on the respective vehicle model. In case of rapidly or immediately available vehicles, you will find a corresponding remark.

Do I receive a new or used vehicle?

You always receive a new vehicle.


Where is my vehicle registered?

Your car is registered in your canton of residence.

Is it possible to use my personal number plate?

This is not possible due to cantonal regulations.

How do I receive my vehicle?

You obtatain your new car through your brand’s official regional dealer.

Services and maintenance

What happens if my vehicle breaks down or is damaged?

Please report the damage immediately by calling 041 748 37 73. We will ensure that the damage is repaired as soon as possible.

Where should I bring my vehicle for maintenance?

You benefit from our network of service partners across Switzerland. Please contact us on 041 780 31 33 and we will be happy to give you the address of our nearest service partner.

When can I change the tires?

We inform you about the required seasonal change.

How do I receive fines?

All potential fines are sent to you by e-mail.

Additional provisions

Can I return my vehicle before the end of the contract?

It is possible to return the car under certain circumstances, for example in case of unemployment, departure from Switzerland or death. The contract is binding in all other cases.

Can I buy the car after the end of the contract?

No, unfortunately a purchase is not possible. The contract can be extended according to age and mileage.

What happens in case of damage at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract, your car is checked by an independent expert applying the guidelines for vehicle returns.